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Open Compute Project Security Appraisal Framework Evaluation (OCP S.A.F.E.)

Leverage our expertise to navigate the Open Compute Project Security Appraisal Framework Evaluation (OCP S.A.F.E.) process, ensuring your data center and cloud devices, appliances, etc., meet the highest security benchmarks. We help certify your infrastructure by partnering with you on a journey to achieving OCP S.A.F.E. standards before they become compulsory for selling into global data centers and to cloud service providers.

Utilizing OCP S.A.F.E.'s comprehensive guidelines, our team conducts in-depth assessments to safeguard your assets and user data against emerging threats, fostering trust and compliance in your digital infrastructure.

What is OCP S.A.F.E.?

The Open Compute Project Security Appraisal Framework Evaluation (OCP S.A.F.E.) is a comprehensive security standard designed for the technology deployed in data centers and cloud environments. It focuses on ensuring that hardware and software components meet rigorous security criteria to protect against vulnerabilities and threats. OCP S.A.F.E. successfully establishes a baseline for security that promotes transparency, trust, and resilience in the infrastructure that powers the modern digital world. By adhering to OCP S.A.F.E. standards, organizations can demonstrate their commitment to security excellence and operational integrity.

S.A.F.E. is made up of a standardized device-specific audit checklist, developed and open-sourced by the OCP community, along with criteria for selecting third-party device security review auditors who, if qualified, become designated OCP Security Review Providers (SRP). As an OCP-recognized SRP and core contributor to the testing/evaluation methodologies, IOActive is one of the founding vendors qualified to conduct device security reviews based on the S.A.F.E. checklist.

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Why Choose IOActive as a Security Review Provider (SRP)

  1. Pioneering Security Research: IOActive is renowned for groundbreaking security research, uncovering vulnerabilities that shape industry standards and enhance global security protocols.

  2. Expert Vulnerability Assessments: With deep expertise in comprehensive vulnerability assessments, IOActive identifies and mitigates risks that others might miss, ensuring robust protection for your infrastructure.

  3. Customized Security Solutions: Tailoring their approach to each client's unique challenges, IOActive delivers personalized security strategies that address specific business needs and threats.

  4. Global Industry Recognition: Acknowledged by peers and clients alike, IOActive's contributions to cybersecurity have earned them a prestigious position in the security community.

  5. Innovative Security Tools: Leveraging state-of-the-art tools and techniques, IOActive stays at the forefront of security technology, offering cutting-edge solutions to modern threats.

  6. Dedicated Client Partnership: IOActive prioritizes long-term relationships with their clients, offering continuous support and strategic guidance to navigate the evolving security landscape.

Engaging with IOActive for OCP S.A.F.E. Assessments

  1. Initiate Your Assessment: Start by filling out our contact request form, providing details such as your project's scope and the intended completion timeline. This information will enable us to tailor the OCP S.A.F.E. evaluation process to your specific needs.

  2. Assessment Review: Our team will promptly review your submission and reach out to arrange a consultation.

  3. Project Commencement: After reviewing your assessment details, we'll collaborate with you to draft a customized Statement of Work (SoW). With the SoW finalized and signed, we'll officially kick off your OCP S.A.F.E. assessment project.

For those seeking to renew or validate their OCP S.A.F.E. certification, we offer a streamlined process for returning clients, ensuring your compliance is maintained without interruption.

OCP S.A.F.E. is a continuous audit and compliance program, not a one-and-done system. IOActive will be your partner to help achieve and maintain compliance throughout the lifetime of your product and its updates.

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“Supply chain threats are the number one threat to enterprise and cloud security. Securing the next generation of cloud technologies against these threats, along with any other current and future attack vectors, is historically costly and fragmented. The development of S.A.F.E., with the support of IOActive and other Security Review Providers, will make a significant impact, up-lifting product and device security across the industry.” - Gunter Ollmann, IOActive CTO

IOActive selected one of
three labs accredited as
OCP Security Review
Providers (SRP)

IOActive Becomes a Founding Provider for New Framework from Open Compute Project Foundation to Improve Data Center and Cloud Security Posture


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for IOActive's OCP S.A.F.E. Services

How do I start the OCP S.A.F.E. assessment process with IOActive?

Begin by contacting us through the form on this page and an expert from IOActive will reach out to answer questions you may have.

What can I expect during the OCP S.A.F.E. assessment?

Expect a comprehensive review of your systems against OCP S.A.F.E. benchmarks, including vulnerability scanning, risk assessment, and mitigation strategies.

How long does initial certification take?

The timeline varies based on scope but typically ranges from a few weeks to a couple of months for thorough evaluation and reporting.

Will IOActive assist with remediation strategies post-assessment?

Yes, our team provides detailed remediation guidance and can assist with implementing security improvements.

How does IOActive ensure confidentiality and data protection during the assessment?

We adhere to strict confidentiality agreements and data protection protocols to safeguard all client information.

Can IOActive provide re-assessment services for compliance verification?

Absolutely, we offer ongoing support and re-assessment services to ensure continuous compliance with OCP S.A.F.E. standards.

About the Open Compute Project Foundation

At the core of the open compute project (OCP) is its community of hyperscale data center operators, joined by telecom and colocation providers and enterprise IT users, working with vendors to develop open innovations that, when embedded in products, are deployed from the cloud to the edge. The OCP Foundation is responsible for fostering and serving the OCP community to meet the market and shape the future, taking hyperscale-led innovations to everyone. Meeting the market is accomplished through open designs and best practices and with data center facility and IT equipment embedding OCP community-developed innovations for efficiency, at-scale operations, and sustainability. Shaping the future includes investing in strategic initiatives that prepare the IT ecosystem for major changes, such as Al & ML, optics, advanced cooling techniques, and composable silicon. Learn more at opencompute.org.


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